Saturday, May 22, 2010

Nearly Back to Normal!

I am so happy that I am getting back to where I was before my knee injury and surgery. Today, 4 1/2 weeks after surgery, I did a walk of about 80 minutes which involved 15 minutes of level, 20 minutes uphill, 30 minutes down ( I go slowly down and use my hiking poles even more) and then 13 minutes of level and finishing by going up a short steep hill to my house. I was so elated. My knee was hurting when I started and was hurting a little when I finished but nothing I could not handle so came in and iced it for 20 minutes. Now, if I can get to where I can do this daily for 18-20 miles then I will be very happy! And I was so pleased not to have stopped at all going uphill!

Friday, May 21, 2010


I am so very thankful for a great doctor and for wonderful physical therpists who have me up and going again! I knew they would but it has taken longer than I expected to get rid of the pain. And because I had done so much walking for years before I hurt my knee, my PT was faster than usual and now I can re-enter the trails and get back to where I was the end of March when I fell. I never expected that I would have such a thing happen to me and it made me realized that we need to be ready for all possibilities. The stupid thing I did was not buying trip cancellation early enough that would have covered me if I had not been able to rehab but thankfully I was able to do that. I did buy it afterwards but it does not cover anything to do with my knee as that is pre-existing but will cover anything else. And with the volcano ash interferring with flights over Europe I want to be sure that my trip cost is safely insured.