Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Camino Addiction

It has been two and one half months since I walked into Santiago and I have to admit that seldom does an hour go by that I do not think of my experiences. Because of modern technology I am hearing from other pilgrims either by e-mail or on Facebook and together we share memories. Every single one of them wants to go back and do it again! What is strange to me is that while on the walk I heard several people say that they planned to come back and walk it again and I would always think and sometimes ask "why ?". Why would you put yourself through that extreme heat, fatigue, blisters, and everything else connected with it and NOW, I understand WHY they would. I would too, in a heartbeat except that I would never leave Steve for six weeks again. Not fair to him although he would never say that. I do remember telling Steve almost daily, that although it was hard and I was dead tired that I was happy! But I will have a part in it again because I am taking a small group of 12 to do the last 100 miles of it October 9-21, 2011. It will all be in Galacia except for the first two days we will be in Leon. Galacia is the Irish Spain, the Green Spain and is considered by most to be the most beautiful part. We will be staying in restored 16th century manor homes, no scrounging around for a place to stay and we will have wonderful meals and that includes restaurants, dinners in our hotels as well as gourmet picnic lunches each day. No more eating stale bread and old cheese out of my backpack! Bet I don't lose 15 pounds either but I would not anyway just walking 100 miles! But what I will do is disolve in tears upon reaching the Cathedral in Santiago because that is what we pilgrims do upon completion of the Camino de Santiago, be it 500 miles or 100 miles.
All the same.

There is a real Camino addiction because I have it.

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