Sunday, October 9, 2011

Back on the Camino!

It is October 9th and today I leave with my group of baby pilgrims for Spain and the Camino. I am thrilled with their level of excitement over their upcoming pilgrimage.

Only one of these baby pilgrims has done a walking trip with me so everything is new to them. But they know that this is not just a Southern Treks walking tour but a pilgrimage and they will be blessed by it just as I was last year. They have all read To the Field of Stars and are all emotional about what they are doing.

We have been training for this since February. Through that cold and then the short spring with the tornado that closed our walking trails out at Berry and finally though the never ending heat of the summer. It was very hard to do mile after mile when the temperature was over 95 for 3 full months but we did. And as we strengthened our legs and hardened our feet against blisters we deepened and renewed friendships.

I truly feel that they are ready to put their feet on this trail which has been walked for over 1250 years. There have been many miracles reported along this path and I can attest to that from my own experience here last year.

We are going with the blessings of so many people judging by the good wishes from our friends on Facebook who have followed our training. Tomorrow night we will get our official blessing when we go to the Pilgrims' Mass in Leon.

Until later,
Buen Camino

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